Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Paul Wheaton of permies.com and richsoil.com came to our house to do a podcast a few weeks ago! Listen in for the chance to hear us discuss many things regarding permaculture and our very own "gravel pit"... And stay tuned! Paul may be coming back again for more... pie and steak that is... .....


"Paul, Caleb, and Krista review the movie “Water Harvesting” with Geoff Lawton. They discuss Caleb and Krista doing permaculture in a gravel pit ponds and dams–particularly how they need crowns on top. Paul likes his ponds to have water running into them all the time, which oxygenates the water. He briefly talks about swales and pond fingers. Krista asks about their clay soil–Is water harvesting enough to hydrate their landscape? Paul says with hugelkultur there is no need, even for water harvesting. They then talk about raising pigs, natural swimming pools, and utlizing alternative energy. Paul asks Caleb about going solar, and off the grid in general, and they then discuss general consciousness about power usage. Paul likes the idea of micro-hydro power, which does not utilize dams. Caleb talks about using solar efficiently."

You can also leave comments at our thread on permies.com Reclaiming Gravel Pit for Permaculture. We would love to hear what everyone thinks!

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